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Overview[edit | edit source]

A player's backpack contains many useful contents, including an ability to use an interactive GUI to build structures, use perks, view the world diplomacy, and many more. It can be accessed by having your inventory slot 9 on your hotbar empty, then doing /backpack.

The default backpack, if you were not in a town.

Items Inside[edit | edit source]

Row 1:

Player Head: If you are in a civilization, it will display the name of it and what town you are in. If not, it will only display your Religion and how many coins you have. Item Frame: Settings. These toggle various things such as combat messages, item drop alerts, etc. Stone Sword: World Diplomacy. You can view the world's global wars, allies, peaces, and hostiles.

This is what the inside of the Diplomacy inventory looks like.

Regular Book: Quests. Currently none, but may be added in the future. Sea Lantern: Perks. These can include structure templates, or other tokens such as "clear weather" tokens. Enchanted Books: Custom Recipes are displayed here. This is the heart of Civ-War, to build yourself advanced items as the game goes on.

Row 2:

Brick Stairs: Build Structures. This will list all the structures in a logical order, and are also listed by the following categories: Strategic, Economic, Scientific, Cultural, Religious, and Misc.

This is what the inside of the Build a Structure inventory looks like.

TNT: Destroy Nearest Structure. Will pick up the structure that is nearest to you and ask if you wish to destroy it, if you can. Paper: Tech Tree. Opens up a link in your default internet browser to view the tech tree.

Row 3:

Flower Pot: Invite players to your town. Click on it and type in a player's name to request they be added to your town. Torch: Voting. Click on it to visit the website where the voting links are displayed. Written Map: World Map. Click on it to view the Dynmap of the world.

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