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A Capitol Building.
Structure Information
Chunk Area: 4x4
Required Technology: Monarchy
Build Cost: 250,000 Coins
Base Upkeep Cost Per Day: 0 Coins
Hammer Cost: 50,000
Civ Points: 6,000
Hit Points: 2,000
Limit Per Town: 2
Special: Central Civilization Hub

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Capitol is a special structure in Civ-War that represents your civilization's central government. When you found a new civilization, the Capitol is automatically built on the location that you are standing on. The Capitol can be re-positioned using the '/build capitol' command.

Before you can build the Capitol you need to have:

- Culture level 4
- The Technology: Monarchy
- 5 residents in the town

Building a capitol will remove the old Town Hall building, so plan for it.

Special Functions[edit | edit source]

The Capitol includes several unbreakable beds, chests, furnaces, 8 Arrow Turrets and Trade Goods Sockets. Once you set your civilization up you're able to protect your stuff inside it.

Capitol during War[edit | edit source]

The Capitol is the Town Hall of the Capitol City. You can only have 1 Capitol in your civilization at a time. It is 4x4 chunks and has 4 arrow towers along its four corners to make it more difficult to capture.

The Capitol plays a key part in war. First, the Capitol is the spawn point for all capitol town members during a war. It overrides any beds used by players. Additionally, this is the building your civilization must defend or destroy during a war in order to win.

Destroying A Capitol[edit | edit source]

Each capitol contains 8 control blocks inside them, each with 100 hit points. When an enemy destroys a capitol it results in the civilization being defeated. More info in Captured Civilizations and War.

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