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Size 2x2
Tech Required Commerce
Cost 5,000 Coins
Upkeep 750 Coins/Day
Hammer Cost 1,200
Hitpoints 300
Points 750
Limit Per Town 1
Specials None
A Stable being lit from the torches of night time.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The stables structure is the only way to obtain horses or mules in Civ-War. A "Horses" Trade Good that is socketed into your town is required to buy horses. However, you can still buy mules even without the "Horses" Trade Good.

Modifiers and Effects[edit | edit source]

HammersGenerates 50 Hammers for the town.

Teleportation[edit | edit source]

You can use this structure to teleport to any other town with a stables in a radius of 180 chunks (2,880 blocks). But it is not always like this. Some conditions will cause you to travel not as far.

Travel Distance Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Condition Affect on Travel
Day Time, Any Weather 2x Distance
Night Time, Any Weather 1/2 Distance

Horses and Mule Shop[edit | edit source]

Name Speed Color Cost
Mule 4.3 m/s (sprinting speed) Black 2,500 Coins
Horse 7.00 m/s Brown 5,000 Coins
Trusty Steed 7.05 m/s Black 10,000 Coins
Thoroughbred 7.08 m/s White 50,000 Coins
War Horse 7.10 m/s Chestnut 100,000 Coins

Stables Shop[edit | edit source]

Name Cost
Saddle 2,000 Coins
Name Tag (NOTE: Useless because of disabled XP.) 40,000 Coins
Iron Horse Armor 20,000 Coins
Gold Horse Armor 50,000 Coins
Diamond Horse Armor 100,000 Coins

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